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Prague, Czech Republic / Czech Radio

Focus areas: Data Journalism and Interactives

Czech Radio is a public service broadcaster with a number of radio stations including the most popular and respected news and current affairs channels available in the Czech language. Its website [iROZHLAS]( is among the major and most trusted online sources of news and analysis for the country.

Samizdat is a team of five journalists, analysts, coders, and one graphic designer. We try to get hold of all kinds of data that might be of public interest – frequently using freedom of information requests. We then try to spot trends and connections that would otherwise remain hidden. Based on the data, we produce articles, maps, charts, and apps. See or for some examples. We work closely with Czech Radio's news website, with its radio stations, and with the investigative reporting unit.

Our Student Fellow would be engaged in ongoing projects and is also expected to come up with their own story ideas. We will do our best to help them develop those into engaging and meaningful content. The Student Fellow should be a curious, and patient person who is interested in how things work under the surface and with a passion to share with the world what they have found out.

We would prefer someone who is not afraid of working on the command line, has a basic knowledge of statistics, has some experience with data analysis (we use mostly Python and R, but are open to any tools that do the job), and has an idea about what HTML/CSS/JavaScript is and how to use it.

See the published work of our Student Fellows from the last two years:

Kristi Zákopčanová, 2020:

Anna Košlerová, 2021:

When: Flexible

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