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Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Areas: Data Journalism and Interactives

Making quality journalism available anytime, anywhere in the world: That's what FAZ.NET stands for. FAZ.NET keeps its readers up to date about the most important events of the day quickly, soundly, and reliably around the clock – on PCs, notebooks, mobile devices, and social media channels. In addition to current news, FAZ.NET offers a unique background coverage, smart comments, and thorough analysis.

Our Student Fellow will work at the multimedia department of the editorial office. We are curious about original and clever storytelling formats, which is why our Fellow will work on the development of data journalism stories.

Our Student Fellow should be able to produce a story, from its initial idea to the finished product, with interesting data visualisation. Programming skills and a sense of good and meaningful design are very welcome but are not a must. Fluency in German is a strong plus.

When: Flexible

Berlin, Germany

Der Tagesspiegel

Der Tagesspiegel is the news organisation with the highest circulation in Berlin, both print and online. We are also among the Top 10 private media organisations in Germany according to unique users. Our mission is to provide the best in-depth coverage of both political and local developments in the German capital.

With the award-winning „Tagesspiegel Innovation Lab“ we try to invent the forms of storytelling of tomorrow today. We have a strong focus on data journalism, participatory crowd investigation, data science, visual stories, machine learning and the development of appealing forms of innovative new forms of storytelling for online audiences.

As our Student Fellow, you will be able to work in the Innovation Lab on data analysis, interactives, investigative reporting and data visualisations. You will contribute to ongoing projects, but you are also able to bring in your own ideas. The Lab consists of designers, developers and editors. You will work in close collaboration with all of them. You should have a genuine interest in journalism. You should have at least one of the following skills: Data analysis, design, coding and/or dataviz. As our Student Fellow you should also have a strong interest in technology and storytelling.

Good command of German is a plus, but not a must. Experience with writing or designing for a wide audience is a plus, as is experience in any media organisation or NGO. Diverse applications are welcome. Everybody who has the right skills is welcome to apply.

When: Flexible

Berlin, Germany

Zeit Online

Focus area: Data journalism and Interactives

ZEIT ONLINE is a leading quality news website in Germany, reaching more than 15 million unique users per month. We publish news, analysis and opinion pieces, using storytelling formats such as video, podcast, photography, interactive graphics and reader debates.

As a Student Fellow at ZEIT ONLINE, you will work on various visual projects that include data visualisation and interactive graphics. You will be part of our Interactives team, working in close collaboration with our data scientists, designers, developers and reporters. You will be a full member of our newsroom, taking part in all meetings and conferences. At the end of your Fellowship, you will have a good understanding of how ZEIT ONLINE works on a day-to-day basis.

We will value skills in UI/UX design, front-end or back-end coding or data analysis. Ideally with a good command of the German language.

When: Flexible

Hamburg, Germany

Der Spiegel

Area: Editorial projects

DER SPIEGEL is Germany's largest and oldest news magazine, with a vibrant quality digital product and a strong investigative-journalism bent. Our department, Editorial Research & Development, handles digital product management from the editorial side and spearheads different editorial incubator projects in areas such as audio, video, audience et.

Our Student Fellow will participate in digital product management from an editorial perspective, get to know our product management processes, and, depending on the precise time of the Fellowship, will work on various current projects. The Student Fellow can help us with researching and presenting projects and handle subprojects of their own. Details depend on the then-current project landscape.

Our Student Fellow has interest and basic skills in product management and design thinking, and is fluent in German. We are also looking for somebody with an editorial background combined with a strong interest in the business & economics of digital journalism today. Coding skills are usually not needed in our daily work; they're not harmful, either. We welcome different digital skillsets (data visualization, UX competencies etc.) and will try to find appropriate projects for you.

When: Flexible

Other newsrooms in Austria

Vienna, Austria

Der Standard

Focus areas: Data Journalism and Interactives

DER STANDARD is Austria’s leading privately-owned quality news website. Our large community is very active (up to 60,000 postings per day) and keen on debating topics of any kind. DER STANDARD is independent of political parties, institutions and lobbies, and addresses all readers with a high demand for thorough and comprehensive coverage and profound op-eds.

Our Student Fellow will support a three-person team of data and interactive journalists in our newsroom. As a part of this team they will raise themes, create concepts and realise articles. The pieces can range from a convincing single chart with a simple caption to elaborated storytelling formats. Topics can comprise every aspect of public life from politics and economics to demographics, or even arts, lifestyle, and sports.

The Student Fellow should be able to either support us in the scope of
- Data analysis: locating significant trends in databases and interpreting statistics by means of e.g. spreadsheets or R;
- Or in the development of interactive and/or data visualisations: with the help of programming and markup languages such as JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Hence the ideal candidate should have a knowledge of coding and/or web development, experience in data analysis or visualisation and be fluent in German and English – and, of course, bring a lot of curiosity.

It is a plus if you have experience with graphics and vector software such as Adobe Illustrator.

When: Flexible


Kleine Zeitung

Area: multi/social media

Kleine Zeitung is the largest regional newspaper in Austria, mainly covering the two most southern Austrian States of Carinthia and Styria. The paper was founded in 1904 and has about 800 000 readers. With our numerous regional offices throughout both states and our Viennese dependence, we provide our readers with regional and national in-depth information.

The Student Fellow will be working alongside our digital development editors and will contribute to different multimedia storytelling projects. They will also be involved in the development of social media formats.

We’re looking for a Student Fellow that is keen on discovering stories within our regions and is interested in finding new ways to tell them. A basic understanding of digital journalism and current social media platforms such as Instagram would be desirable. Good German skills are required.

Time: Flexible

Other newsrooms in Switzerland

Geneva, Switzerland

Heidi News / Geneva solutions

Areas: Data Journalism and Interactives

Geneva Solutions is a new project of We are a non-profit journalistic platform dedicated to international cooperation and development. The platform is centered around five core themes – Peace & Humanitarian, Climate, Global Health, Sustainable Business & Finance,and Technology – as well as opinion pieces and guest-edited newsletters.

The Student Fellow will support our editorial team with research and fact-checking, production of content for our daily newsletter the GS Daily Brief, as well as (depending on skills and interest) the development of project data & migrations

The Fellow must have basic knowledge of the international Geneva ecosystem (global affairs, UN system, international organisations and NGOs), as well as an interest in writing on at least one of our core themes.

Ideally, our Student Fellow is able to work with data/stats and has some examples of published non-academic work.

When: Flexible

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