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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

de Volkskrant

Focus area: Data Journalism and Interactives

The Data desk of de Volkskrant is doing research of news topics by using data skills, OSINT-methods or questionnaires. Based on a question of journalist the data-desk collects information, analyse this information and finally will visualise this information.

The fellow will be part of the Data team and will get an assignment to collect information for our project 'Mijn wijk in Nederland" (our neighbourhood in the Netherlands). Our aim is to give readers information about their neighbourhood compared with the national situation. For instance the fellow will collect, analyse and visualise the safety of roads, air pollution or the quality of education in neighbourhoods. The fellow will work together with a (data) journalist.

The fellow has knowledge of Excel and preferably also R or Python. It would be appreciated when a Fellow has experience with journalism.
Other competencies that would be a plus: Visualisation skills like D 3, javascript, CSS and HTML.

When: Flexible

de Volkskrant

Other newsrooms in Belgium

Brussel, Belgium

VICE (Belgium)

Focus area: Editorial (translation, writing and social media)

VICE is a global youth media company with 30+ offices around the planet and helps young people make sense of the world by telling their stories while being a platform for what's important to them. Our stories are reported with an insider's view, by writers and hosts who are often an integral part of their own reporting. Our editorial teams in the EMEA region share relevant local content across countries – from Denmark to Greece, and from the UK to Abu Dhabi.

The Fellow will be part of the Brussels editorial team and will work on various editorial projects. As VICE Belgium is a bilingual platform, the Fellow will translate French articles (or social posts) to Dutch as well as write their own articles (or social posts) in Dutch. The Fellow will receive feedback and guidance from the editors.

Our Fellow needs to be fluent in Dutch with excellent Dutch writing skills, and a good understanding of French. They preferably have a degree in journalism or communication and an understanding of the VICE brand. The Fellow should also be interested in social media.Photoshop and Premiere can sometimes be useful.

When: July - August 2021

VICE (Belgium)

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