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Amsterdam, The Netherlands

de Volkskrant

Focus areas: Data Journalism and Interactives

De Volkskrant is a leading Dutch daily. Our department of data journalism is doing research on a wide range of topics. We are working together with all other departments of De Volkskrant. In our work we start with a central question. A data journalist helps to find the answers.

Our Student Fellow will collect, analyse and visualise data of current news items. The last two years a lot of effort of the data journalism department has gone to Covid-19, but other themes like climate, poverty, migration or inequality are also on the table. Our Student Fellow will do research together with an experienced data journalist. The scope of the research will be decided upon in consultation with the Student Fellow and will depend on their knowledge and experience.

We are looking for someone with:

  • Knowledge of Excel / Google Sheets

  • Knowledge of R software would be an advantage

  • Basic knowledge of data journalism would be an advantage

  • Geocoding or visualisation-skills (D3) is a plus, but is not mandatory

When: Flexible

de Volkskrant

Other newsrooms in Belgium

Brussel, Belgium

VICE (Belgium)

Area: Editorial

VICE Media Group's portfolio of companies elevates young voices across advertising, art, film, television, and beyond. VICE is the definitive guide to enlightening information.

The Student Fellow will be part of the Brussels editorial team and will work on various editorial projects. As VICE Belgium is a bilingual platform, the Fellow will translate French articles (or social posts) to Dutch as well as write their own articles (or social posts) in Dutch. The Fellow will receive feedback and guidance from the editors.

You must be interested in writing and reading, have a sense of humour, and understand the edgy side of VICE and its tone of voice. Our Student Fellow needs to be fluent in Dutch with excellent Dutch writing skills, and a good understanding of French. They preferably have a degree in journalism or communication and an understanding of the VICE brand. The Fellow should also be interested in social media. Photoshop and Premiere can sometimes be useful.

When: September - October

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