GNI Fellowship

The Google News Initiative Fellowship connects students and recent graduates who want to explore the intersection between journalism and technology with news organisations.

The successful candidates will kick off their careers in the news industry by spending 8 weeks in summer working with experts in newsrooms and creating a professional network.

Applications for the 2020 Google News Initiative Fellowship in Europe are now open. We are offering over more than 40 exciting fellowship placements across 14 countries. Read the eligibility criteria and apply before 14 April 2020!

The GNI Fellowship is funded by the Google News Initiative and is also available worldwide. Find out more about the programme in non-EU countries here.



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It was a great learning experience and one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only did the experience let me apply my knowledge and learn a lot from specific projects, it also made me grow as a person.

Olivia Almgren

'19 Fellow at Expressen

Working at France 24's Observers was invaluable in terms of getting into the field of fact-checking and verification of amateur video. It's an area that is more and more important as fake content travels all over the world, and few people are better at putting all the global pieces together than the team at the Observers.

Christopher Brennan

'19 Fellow at France 24 - Les Observateurs

I learned a lot about verification and checking every last piece of information, no matter how small, during my fellowship. It was a great way into the newsroom and will definitely benefit my future career.

Orla Dwyer

'19 Fellow at

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